It is very unlikely that anyone would the least know what goes on in the backstage unless the curtains are drawn. Nobody might just never know one’s plights until they are told. What one fellow knows about the other, is most times a tip of the iceberg.

Deep behind most smiles are pains inexpressible. Underneath many glittering surfaces are crooked edges. Right beside innumerable sweet stories lie inexplicable tales. But life has to go on amid whatever ugliness and inconveniences; and interestingly, man has always devised a means of escape from his own gloom.

A thin line there always is between hope and despair; choice will always be the price of where to be per time. And to maintain the faith-evoking belief that ‘all is well’ despite all life-threatening circumstances, is a discipline beyond a cheap purchase.

Sometimes it requires more effort to stay alive and hopeful; at other times, the lesser the struggle for survival, the easier the victory. Yes, strange and mystical!

But who has faults? Who has fears? Who has challenges? Perhaps nobody does, but I do—some in negligible amounts; some an urgent call for serious attention. Yet I would not give up in Whom I believe; I would not stop doing what the gods will never do for me; I would never fold my arms expecting fortune to drop on my idle laps; I would not cease to find hope in every hopelessness; I would not be afraid of facing reality; I would not be ashamed of trying and failing…for all it takes to hit this only shot I’ve got at life, I would not be guilty!