Growing up as a child was really fun and challenging, most especially so because many things piled up to be learnt within a time frame. Being a curious child who would stop at nothing to be voracious at learning, some wrong perceptions were inevitably ingested as right—most of which were accepted as the norms of those times.

One of the most generalized of them all was the ever depiction of the devil in black apparel with a horn, scary, and ugly. Although I wouldn’t know if till date children still carry the same image into their adulthood, but in times past it was a viral mental picture which anyone could decipher within the shortest frame of seconds.

Yet why would it not be so when endless tales hardly tell of the devil walking down the street to a grocery store on a sunny Saturday afternoon, wearing a Burberry knickerbockers and a sky-blue casual shirt, complemented with an off-white panama and a blue & white trainers, having a face too innocent to hurt a fly, and smiling at everyone that passes by.

How would the imprinted image of a horned monster be erased from many memories when parents and movies rarely illustrate a contrary picture—of fine looking men and women in expensive and beautiful suits and gowns, who appear to be easily lovable with infectious smiles, seemingly kind in deed and creed…yet all but devils!

Yes. Handsome and beautiful devils in fine apparels, having the appearances of innocence but far from it. People in whose hearts lie all manners of wickedness and lawlessness. People who would stop at nothing to bring hell, tears, sorrows, discomfort, misery, shame, reproach, despair, hunger…to the doorsteps of others.

People in whose hands the wealth of billion lives have been entrusted, but into whose bottomless pockets these huge chunks of national (and international) funds have been siphoned. Thoughtless and selfish derelicts who live above the law, yet scarcely get penalized for it.

Ranging from the seemingly smallest to the highest in rank—nonetheless, all but devils in their own spheres! Backbiters, haters of Truth, liars, seducers, fornicators, adulterers, lovers of inordinate affections, psychopaths, terrorists, swindlers, extortioners…highly demon-possessed maniacs!