Psalms 27:1





     God has created the world so beautiful, and has given us Nature to satisfy our insatiable fantasies. But most often than not, we’re always distracted by the ugliness that our hands (as humans) have made, at the negligence of beauty that has been provided us.
     I as a person strongly believe that God is NOT an author of confusion; His Word and the orderliness of the universe attest to that. I also believe that almost all the chaos that are present in the world today (and those in times past) are man-made; only a few can be traceable to the hands of the divine (as it was in the case of the tower of Babel).
     Nature always provides us with clues, but it’s a pity we’re always too busy to pay attention. The clouds, birds, trees, mountains, flowers, sun, rain, moon, seas, etc., are not just here and there by accident; they are sign posts pointing somewhere (that many of us don’t give a damn about!)
     Sometimes I wonder if I was Isaac Newton on that day he sat under that apple tree—perhaps I would have merely eaten that apple and shook the tree for more. But he (Newton) at that moment the apple fell on his head, instantly knew that it was the clue to the great idea which he had been nursing in his mind for a time so long: THE GRAVITY!
     I also wonder if I was Archimedes on that day he plunged into his bathtub and displaced some water—perhaps I would have seen no big deal in it other than an accidental fountain. But he (Archimedes) had eyes that saw beyond the usual phenomenon; to him that accidental splash was the answer to the questions in his head: THE FLOTATION PRINCIPLE! So I wouldn’t blame the overjoyed man when he ran out naked shouting, ‘Eureka!’ ‘Eureka!’…That is, ‘I have found it!’ ‘I have found it!’
     History is full of such men and women—many of whom we’ve read about, or that we know of. Yet there are still such kinds of people in this day and age, performing awesome wonders that history will proudly tell of them someday. But what is it that these folks do or take cognisance of, which the rest of us don’t? In my simple opinion it is CLUES!
     They make use of the clues that Life has provided them with, and blend them into a whole. They train their eyes to see beyond the physical; their ears to hear beyond the usual…and their minds to believe in the possible. (Although pitiably enough, it happens sometimes too, that some of them use these clues of life against Life). Nonetheless, that would not stop the positive-minded ones from forging ahead in the light of good history. After all, thorns never stop roses from growing beautifully bright and red.
     Now, what I’m saying is this: “one needs not to be a renowned inventor or a superhuman before he can make a difference in this world. As a matter of fact, any man can contribute positively to the wellness of wherever he finds himself—be it big or small. All he needs do is to connect to the clues that nature provides in virtually everything that God has made. Of a truth, every man has the ability to add beauty to life; his choice to do just that is all that matters.”
     In a nutshell, it remains my belief that God is beautiful, and that the wonders of nature bear His autograph. And in His unfathomable magnificence He has placed these wonders at the beck and call of man—even to his greatest delight. My only fear then as a creature is that I may not be found guilty when at the end I am called to give account of everything which I have done and left undone.