“Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.” (Romans 8:30)

There’s an idea the devil is selling very fast and which the children of God are buying—that “the moment you believe in God you’re a fool!” And congrats to the devil: because that idea has become so cancerous that it has eaten so deep into so many minds, that they have become ashamed of identifying with God in the public. No wonder then why some people in order that they may be seen as cool and smart (when in the midst of their godless friends), choose to join forces with them to blaspheme God. Even though in their hearts they may be weeping and gnashing their teeth for such betrayal, but they prefer to be counted with the cliques of the wise and the intelligent, at the expense of their innermost truth. I think in such people their thought is something like this: “Why should I risk so much for the love, admiration, recognition, association, and all that the world has to offer for what I’m not really sure of?”…Well, one could easily deduce that the root of most compromise is uncertainty. Nonetheless, uncertainty in this regard (as in most cases) is always a scheme of the devil; nothing more, nothing less.
However, regardless of whatever tricks the devil may be employing, it’s high time somebody realized that the belief in God is not foolishness or gullibility. It’s high time somebody knew that true faith in Christ Jesus is not the opium of hopeless simpletons. People have been made to think and believe that once they profess the lordship of the Saviour, they no longer have brains of their own. Or worse still they become puppets, and they can no longer live their own lives. But all these premises are not true at all. As a matter of fact, the moment somebody aligns his or her will with that of God, it becomes better and brighter. I think at this point we could even apply a simple logic and common sense: “How would an intelligent Being (with all His loving kindness and majesty) recruit people into His army, only to make them fools and slaves?” Honestly, who does that? Definitely not the Almighty God! So, the ideas or traits of foolishness, gullibility, retardation, low self-esteem, and all negative thoughts or characters that the devil has succeeded in planting in the hearts and lives of God’s children are not of God. That is the devil at work! And those are some of the games he plays—tampering with people’s lives and emotions (the virtual) at the expense of their essence (the real thing).
To prove that the devil is a liar, real children of God are most definitely the most wonderful people to be with. In fact, too many of the greatest minds and characters anyone would ever come across, are people whose lives are being aligned with the will of God. It is a lie from the pit of hell to think that God-minded people are inferior and useless. No! Simply because they are actively involved in any credible field of human endeavor as much as any other humans—if not even better! What does the world have that they don’t have more?—is it wisdom, knowledge and understanding? Or is it skill, tact and sound judgement? Or much still, is it wealth, peace and joy? Believe me, they have it all in abundance! But it’s really a pity that ignorance is fully at play when such people to whom much has been bequeathed are allowed to be stripped off their inheritances by the world and the devil! Honestly, this is not in any way a mere consolation in nothingness; it’s one of the greatest truths which the devil himself knows and he’s using against the elect of God. And it’s really high time somebody awoke from his or her sleep.
Refuse to be deceived by the world and the devil. You are indeed not a second-class human being. You know the Truth and you have been set free. Don’t because of temporal achievements and admirations re-enslave yourself. Let the world call you names—Christ was called more; let them persecute you—the Lord was more than that, crucified. Hold fast to Whom you believe in, knowing that your Salvation is now nearer than you first believed. Yes it’s not easy, and will never be; but of a truth, victory is sure. The truth you know is not to be high-minded as the world does, but to be humble before your Maker that you may be exalted. Are you still ashamed of God and the gospel of Christ? Well, I AM NOT, AND WILL NEVER BE!

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)