Today, many people give one or two excuses for not coming to the knowledge of God and His Truth. Usually, they claim that most religious folks are not good people after all. And so, they think “What’s the point in joining the bandwagons?” To be honest, I commend their remarkable observation. Because it is very true that so many religious folks are not good representatives of what they profess. Of course, we all know that a mammoth number of evils has been perpetrated in the name of religion: robberies, sexual immoralities, murders, betrayals, extortions, deceits, falsehoods, heresies, and etc.

However, as much as I commend such a witty observation, there is yet the need for the observers to know that the fact that some folks are erring from the truth does not render its reality invalid. Many people may have indeed erred from what the truth stands for, but that does not mean that the truth does not exist. It is just like what happens when anybody has children: the fact that they become wayward does not mean that you as their father or mother did not train them, or that you do not exist. It just goes to tell that they chose to go their own ways and do what they like.

So, if somebody asks me, I’d simply say that no one needs to ruin his own day because somebody else is ruining his. Honestly, you need not throw your own keys into the ocean because somebody has shut his own door! The knowledge of God and the Truth, is a personal race. Religion in its most appearing form is only a game that people play in the name of God; but the true knowledge of God is beyond the rituals and superfluous nature of religion. It does not matter how pious anyone may appear or is revered, if the Truth does not abide in him and him in the Truth, he is just a figure-head of mere religiosity!

Moreover, the fact remains that man by default is evil; as a result of which his war against evil is a ceaseless one. Hence, it is very possible that some errants have truly chosen the path of Truth, but are rising and falling due to one weakness or the other. But as it is written, “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us” (Philippians 4:13); and by God’s grace, we can even live to the fullness of God’s righteousness (Matthew 5:48). However, the fact that the grace of God is always sufficient for all who believe in Him, leaves no excuse for anyone who has fallen to remain on the ground (Romans 6:1)!

So, what am I saying in essence? It is that you need not give up your own salvation because some persons are professing it and not living it. Although you might be discouraged (and perhaps offended) by the lifestyles of some so-called believers, yet you really need not be dissuaded by any of them. Because they don’t own your life and you are not answerable to them. Suffice it to say that everyone will answer for himself or herself; and if you would be fair with yourself, you would agree that that is enough a reason to bear your own cross.

Remember, the race of life is a personal race; and you owe yourself the duty to run it to the end.