Pen and diary. It is isolated on a white background. A close up.

Welcome to a mine ground of resourceful explorations; an amphitheatre of great discoveries; and an arena of limitless satisfaction.

Ademola is my name, but I work under the guise and muse of “Oluminous”–a stage name which I (would) rather prefer to be known by; a name which according to my definition and translation, means “a heir of Light”. And without any hesitation, I make it clear that “God Almighty” is that “Light”–the very One without Whom I am nothing!

Terms of Use & Agreement

All the works/publications on this blogsite (unless otherwise stated), are properties of the author, Oluminous.
Therefore, no part–except for referential or reblog purposes–of these works may be used by any individual or organization without the prior notification and permission of the author(s).
To contradict this provision is a breach of trust and agreement which is punishable under copyright law.


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