Hamas is a poor boy,
And he has no parents—
Not even a single toy
To relish these moments.
Nine years old is he,
But with hundred sorrows;
I’d rather dine with him
And fulfill Christ’s purpose!

He looked in my eyes,
And I was soon in tears;
O what a smile he has
Even when no one cares!
He sought for a friend,
But only Jesus came;
Then why should I not
Replicate this very same?

Set us a table for two—
For me and Hamas;
This my soul delights to do
On a day like Christmas.
Not with the world’s famous,
Not with earth’s richest;
If Christ were here today,
He’d dine with the poorest.





Indeed no greater vanity than this,
That man should be but for few days—
Despite his conquests of daily increase
In the pride of his breathtaking pace!
To have it all but mere shadows,
Are all there is the gain for his toils:
For in no way different from sparrows
Would his flesh rotten into rich soils!
O, what then is the folly of a man worth
That he should be a fool all through?
Why would he not to the truth come forth
And surrender to that which is true?
Emptiness is all there is without GOD;
Against such, no man can forge a sword.




He who is already dead,
Fears no more death;
He who has got it all,
Bows to no man’s wealth.
To nothing this world gives
Do I want to cling,
That I may always ask,
‘Death, where is your sting?!’

Not on these poor riches
Should my life depend,
Lest with the last flight of it
Soon comes my poor end!
Not in vain consolations
Should my worth be found,
Lest I be a big fool
Tilling on sandy ground!

To spend and be spent
Only in what matters most,
Is what my soul desires
For its one and only boast.
He who the Son sets free,
Is ever free indeed;
And he needs nothing more
Than he should ever need.




Iconic Saint,
Behold your gown;
You spot sinners’ stains,
Yet your white is brown.
You know the Lord’s day,
And you set it apart;
But far from the Lord’s will,
Are the thoughts of your heart!

A priest indeed,
So you claim to be,
But right in your reins
Hides the worst iniquity!
‘Twas just a night ago
That a poor boy still wept—
Because of your molestations
And the secrets to be kept!

O what an irony
Of its utmost kind,
That in the house of God
A monster should be found!
Indeed as it is written,
So must Judgement start:
From them who are the first
Down to the very last!

Iconic Saint,
The Devil’s incarnate;
Be it known to you,
That you’re hell’s candidate!
And unless you repent
And cry for forgiveness—
The sceptre is taken from you,
And given to someone else!

“Iconic Saint, the Devil’s incarnate: when The Judgement starts, it will surely start with you!”




From this empyreal kiss of glory
My soul desires never to wake up…
Beyond the touch of His garment
I am drawn closer to that embrace…
An embrace that keeps getting wider
The more I seek to be enwrapped…
Words can just never convey my awe
However much I try to express…
This life I have is far less than a token
Compared to that which is peeping…
O that I may always in this realm
Behold these promises forever true…
My heart stretched beyond limits
And will just never know ill bounds…
A blinding radiance like a million suns
Lightening the path of this heart…
Leading me still to that Unimaginable
That my understanding can never contain…
And I just would never dare to go back
To where all is nothing but darkness…
For I have met with that impeccable Light
Whose shine is brighter and forever…
O from this empyreal kiss of glory
May my soul never wake up!




What at the least do I own
That I can proudly call mine:
My bountiful harvest of seeds sown,
Or the winepress of my vine?

A thousand sheep on a hill,
A thousand herds grazing there;
Not a one of them I own still,
Tho’ the ownership I somehow bear.

A thousand chests of gold,
A thousand boxes of silver wares;
And all of them still, I behold,
Are temporarily under my cares.

A thousand lines unpenned,
A thousand notes to my name;
Yet all of them till the very end,
Are but a borrowed life and fame.

“Vanity of vanities…Oh what a poor man I really am!”




One Name I’ll forever know;
One Name that never let me go;
One Name my heart daily sings;
One Name my bell always rings;
One Name that broke my chains;
One Name that heals my pains;
One Name the prophets foretold;
One Name more than silver and gold;
One Name above every other name;
One Name greater than all halls of fame;
One Name death could not hold bound;
One Name in Whom Life is found;
One Name the Voice of redemption;
One Name the remedy to damnation;
One Name beyond all mysteries;
One Name the cure to all miseries;
One Name nothing but amazing Love;
One Name the greatest from above;
One Name here in my grateful heart;
One Name the only from the very start;