Rebellion to God and what He stands for, are in stages. But the highest of them all occurs when one becomes a reprobate. It is at this point that the mind becomes totally shut to the forebodings of destruction. Hence, it will take an extra dose of grace for whoever reaches this level of decadence and ungodliness to be redeemed. That is why it always appears as though some people, no matter what anybody says or does, can never be saved! It is because the door to the Truth has been opened to them so many times, but due to their ceaseless intentions to mock God (by the way of their thoughts and deeds), that privilege has been taken from them, and they have been given over to a mind that can never accept the salvation of God!

It is at the point of being a reprobate that every abnormality in the eyes of God and man, becomes an issue of debate to some people. Because their minds have become so full of self-knowledge and self-righteousness, that they think and feel that whatever they do (or support) is right and acceptable, as long as they feel no guilt about it. But my dear, that exactly is the final junction of lawlessness and ungodliness—where the mind is given over to the greatest delusion of its own rightness. Yet the bad news is that it always leads nowhere but to utter destruction!

However, one should know that reprobation is never the will of God for anyone. Because it is crystal clear through His mercies that He never wanted anyone to perish (John 3:16-17). But as expected, it is man who always pushes himself to that edge of peril via his pursuits for irrational freedom. In fact, one thing anyone should fear about being a reprobate is the fact that he or she would by himself or herself set a fire of doom, pour enough oil to burn on himself or herself, and afterward run into the inferno stark naked! To say the least, it can be as delusive and terrible as that!

The task for each and every one today is simple: look deep into your own heart and see if you do not harbour the thoughts of ungodliness. Judge your own deeds and see if they’re not in enmity with God’s perfect will and the norms of life (and nature). Hence, what are your beliefs? And to what do you give your consent/support? Do you for example, believe that nothing is wrong with homosexuality? Or do you always see the belief in God (even when it appears undebatable) as the opium of hopeless fools? Check yourself my friend, you may have been given over to a reprobate mind!

Even though reprobation, without any doubt, is the highest leeway to destruction, yet God is never without mercies. If anyone can simply acknowledge his or her sins and humbles himself or herself to the point of repentance, God is ever ready to welcome such a person home. O, how much heaven rejoices each time somebody denounces his or her folly to embrace the truth! O, how long God has been waiting for somebody to open the door to his or her heart! Would you harden your heart and let this moment pass you by again? Would you rather choose to dive deeper into the pool of reprobation? Oh, how I really pray that God forbids that for you today and evermore!

“Until you know and embrace the Truth, take it or leave it, YOU CAN NEVER BE FREE!”